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Digital Polarimeter

The fully automatic digital polarimeter Unipol 2020 is especially designed for chemical applications. It can also be used for purity analysis of food and beverage as well as cosmetics. The resolution of Unipol 2020 conforms to the European and American Pharmacopeia. GLP/GMP conform data can be directly printed or transferred to your PC. In conjunction with the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Software AQUISYS 2, all requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 conformity are fulfilled.

ID-N° 16609




Measurement scales °Optical rotation, °Specific rotation, °Z International Sugar Scale, % Concentration (g/mL, g/100mL, g/), seven scales freely definable
Measuring range ± 360° / ± 259°Z
Resolution 0.001° / 0.01°Z
Precision ± 0.005° / ± 0.02°Z *
Reproducibility ± 0.005° / ± 0.02°Z
Sensitivity Up to OD 2
Wavelength  589 nm (other on request)
Response time  6 sec. over the entire measuring range
Measuring tubes Different models, 10 to 200 mm length; Material: glass, stainless steel, acid-proof stainless steel; stainless steel tubes
Temperature measurement NTC Sensor
Temperature range  10 to 40 °C
Temperature regulation  Temperature regulation only with external water bath (specifications vary by model)
Light source  LED, interference filter
Display  LCD-Display, monochromatic
Operation  Alpha numerical keyboard, 20 characters including function keys
Interfaces / Communication RS232 (2x), Parallel (1x), USB and Ethernet optional
Conformity International Pharmacopoeia, OIML, ASTM, ICUMSA, Australian Standard K157


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